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So this is it...
life *balks*
i leave for college on friday and i am terrified ; also i got a mac book air.
hi i'm Marley! i'm 17 and i live about an hour outside of NYC, i likes dudes and dudeettes i like archery, most weapons, and homestuck. i like anime/tv shows too; but mostly i like stories. i'm quick to anger at times, but mostly id like to think i only live to create.
about the writer
i completed my first book in February of 2014. i am currently working on my second book (not connected to the first). if you have any questions about my books or my writing feel free to send me an ask. also check out my haiku blog!
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#why do i only get like #5 hours of sleep #each night #for like #a few weeks #and then i sleep for like 14 hours #and im alright

i just legitimately said “one sec let me put my cloths in the fridge” to my mom and she looked at me and said “maybe its time for you to sleep” and my cat agreed.

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